My First Month in ITB

I’m really thank God to bless me so I can entered ITB. I found that He is so faithful, that He always serves the best way for me.

First month in ITB (still studying calculus, chemistry, physics, OR?!, environmental knowledge, english, and concepts of technology), i find that i must reorganized some of my bad habitual. For example, if i used to waste my time after school, now i realize that time is so precious. That i must organize myself well. I want to give my best time for God, because i find that when i don’t manage myself well, i find its hard to spend the best time for HIM. Beside that, i want to improve myselft more. Now, i’m learning to play guitar, cause i think it will be very useful in the future. I’m also studying database application, cause i want to start working. Hehehe, just preparation.

Oh, yeah yesterday i got some lesson. Suddenly, i feel myself become stupid. (cancel it, in the name of Jesus). Yeah, i don’t understand what lecturer explained. But, when i went home, i realized that God is teaching something to me. That He want me to depend on Him, and whatever i do, I do in Him. Let me do all things as for HIM and not for human.


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