Rogue Assasin

Today, i have a reunion in Ciwalk with my accel classmate. Although two of them couldn’t come (Teu2 and KS), but two people come accompanied us. They are Ko Ndik and Ko Andora. Nice to meet them (the senior accel graduate).

The first planning,we will watch Ratatoullie (hope this spell right..) But, cause some of us have watched it, we decided to watch the new film released, Rougue Assasin.
Hm, my comment to this film, it’s really really sadistic. During the film, murder is a common things… To be honest, i don’t like this kind of film, but i was very enjoyed spend time with my best friends of accel class.

One thing surprising me, that Novi chose to study at Unpad, after before she chose to study in UI. The others funny things, that Godeg use a very formal clothes, hehehe. Fortunately, in ITB we don’t have to use too formal clothes, although i think in ITB is quite formal too.

Hope, we will meet again in a few days. Maybe in celebrating Phil’s and Ona’s birthday in the next 28th September.


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