A practice before facing the exam

Today I’m going to have English midterm test. I get the writing category, so I must practice a lot after more than 1 month, I didn’t neither speak nor write in English language. This morning, I had an English lecture, and I found that i forgot a lot of vocabulary and I feel confuse in using grammar. Hehe, I know that everything needs practicing to be expert in that category.

Ok, however just 20 minutes again before I face the writing test. I feel rather confuse, but I have decided to depend on God (100%). So, I think no need to maintain the confusion, right?

Before I write this post, I have just seen my Physics midterm test. And I get 88. I praise God to get that mark, but I want to do better for God. Cause, I know that study here is a ‘little case’ that God rely to me, so I will do my best for Him and let Him rely me ‘bigger case’.

Oh yeah, I have got the results for 3 examination that I have passed. There are :
–> 82, Chemistry –> 89, Physics –> 88

Still get ‘A’, hehe ^^ thanks God…

OK. I think time is up, I must to go to 9018 room to have the exam. I will do my best and I let God do the rest..

I love You Dad… Please reign more in my life and let Your desire happen in my life.


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