I am interesting with a monologue from Deddy Mizwar :

Bangkit itu SUSAH..
Susah melihat orang susah
Senang melihat orang senang
Bangkit itu TAKUT..
Takut korupsi
Takut makan yang bukan haknya
Bangkit itu MENCURI..
Mencuri perhatian dunia dengan prestasi kita
Bangkit itu MARAH..
Marah bila martabat bangsa direndahkan
Bangkit itu MALU..
Malu jadi benalu
Malu karena minta melulu
Bangkit itu TIDAK ADA..
Tidak ada kata menyerah
Tidak ada kata putus asa
Bangkit itu AKU!!
Aku untuk Indonesia!

With this monologue, Deddy Mizwar is descripting what is revive in his perspective. I think that he was descripting revive very well, compare with the definition given in KBBI : “bangun (dari tidur) lalu berdiri”. This definition from KBBI is not wrong, but it doesn’t make sense about how to revive. We often hear, even speak : We must revive! Yeah, then how?
Actually, I don’t say that revive is only as the description above. In fact to revive, we must start with our relationship with God. It’s very simple (but in many case, become difficult because we don’t want to be obedient. We don’t really brave to pay the price), we will get the revival when we hear and be obedient to what God wants in our life.
But, my focus is about revive for this nation.. I really think that God is seeking everybody who wants to stand and pray for this nation. Nobody can solve the problem in this nation with his/herself power, only God who could lift this nation from its valley..

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