Finally, PLO (Profession and Leadership Orientation) that was held at 2-5 June 2008 has been finished. Actually, it was tiring, and many times I ask God that must I stop to join this activity. But, Ci Yuli just remind me that “the joy of the Lord is your strength!” and as my motto, “Do the best for all things as for God!

A good message that I got from PLO is about the reality of this nation. We learn a lot about how is the condition of this nation recently. We collect articles from newspapers and we visit people in poor area. This activity taught me to concern to this nation more. And, it’s amazing that God make me have heart for this nation. More than before..

But, I criticism about the way that they take to solve the “problems” in this nation. Only discuss without any direction and any results. Every solution always can’t answer the whole problems.. Our nation needs our pray, and after that our actions… No need to talk discuss without any results..

Indonesia, revive!!!


One thought on “PLO..

  1. Yup, Indonesians are the strange creature on earth 0_o. I love those who THINK clearly to solve the problems. Instead of demo, I guess THEY should THINK in any different ways to solve problems. I think BBM :p probs can be solved by searching for something else. (That’s the main job for scientists and researchers, right? I want to be one of them^^). May be with developing Solar Energy? Who knows! Instead of Nuclear Power Plant, why don’t we create something which won’t give harm to our beloved planet? For example… to use photon energy as power supply or Hydrogen power plant? My principle is only one:God has created ALL THINGS with HIS OWN PURPOSE. So I thought even poisonous fungi can be useful sometimes. Do you agree, hey?

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