Raise Up Young Generation and You are Rising Whole Country

Big group of young jumping people.Blog kali ini berisi essay yang saya buat untuk sayembara karya tulis generation 21 yang diadakan oleh modernisator.org.

Tema yang diberikan adalah “Bagaimana Kita Bisa Menjadi Generasi yang Paling Adaptif dan Progresif di Abad 21”. Meskipun demikian tujuan saya menulis essay ini bukan untuk menang, melainkan saya hanya ingin menuliskan apa yang ada di hati saya dan mimpi saya untuk bangsa ini (apalagi saya masih baru belajar menulis). So, here it is :



We can’t deny that changes happen very fast in our world nowadays, both of good and bad changes. Good changes, for instance, the development of communication technology has made time and distance no longer become obstacle for us. Everything has become so easy with technology. But, in the other side, we could notice that our world is being horrible. Our environment quality is descended day by day. Global warming ha s become serious issue and become bigger problem caused by ourselves. We can also mention AIDS/HIV as the impact of the using of drugs and free sex has decreased human quality of life. Next, global economy crisis in the world that make us live with worry.

There are big changes around us, and only they who can adapt and keep progressive will survive. Become Indonesian people, we are longing to see our nation rise from its situation, aren’t we? But, the big question is how? The next statement is my answer.

Raise up young generation and you are rising whole country.

Why young generation? Because they are who will get the authority to change our nation in a few years again and they have the power to make greater things. For more detail, what can we do for Indonesia young generation? I come with 3 keys.

Consider this illustration, if there where 2 men, one is the owner of a company and the other is a worker in that company. Which one will more concern for the goodness of the company? I can surely say that the owner is. The first key is the owner mentality. As Indonesian people, we must realize that this is OUR country and our prosperity depends on this. Therefore, we are supposed to be proud of our nation.

The first key is to drive Indonesia young generation to have the owner mentality of theirs own country.

Next, we can see that pornographic and drugs have broken out violently in our country. Porn content has been spread in the net and everyone can access these contents easily. How about the using of drugs? Even elementary students have been stained by drugs nowadays. These are serious degradation of human quality of life. A research has stated that 95% of our children have watched porn film. This is really an irony for all of us. How can our young generation create great things if their minds fulfilled with rubbish and their health consumed by drugs?

That’s why second key is to bear a generation free from drugs and adultery.

The last is about quality of education. Our government has allocated 20% of its budget for education and it has become the largest portion from the budget. So, it’s not about not enough money. But, what I want to underline is about the composition in our curriculum. If compared with other advanced country, we can see that our curriculum is too wide and shallow. It means our children are forced to learn everything and don’t have chance to grow their talent. In the other hand, every people do have their special superiority and better let them to concentrate on it. But at this moment, studying is not fun for them, but only obligation for them. That’s why many children in rural areas choose to work with their parents than to study in the school even it is free.

The third key is to make education really educate people.


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