Churches in Osaka, Japan

Actually I have already come only to one church in Osaka. That was Ibaraki Kasugaoka Church or sometimes called “Church of the Light”.

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Addres 4-3-50 Kitagasugaoka Ibaraki Shi
Phone : 0726-27-0071
Architected by  Mr. Tadao Ando at 1989.


P1000936 P1000935 P1000933








My first impression with this church is very nice, althought a bit small and some part of the building still in construction. But, this is the nearest Protestant Church from my accomodation in JICA, Ibaraki, Osaka.

I read a writing from Rev Noboru Karukome about the history behind the church that the process to build this church was not easy. That’s why, after it is finished, Rev Karukome gave us this message :

We have just given birth to it. I think that it will grow while you are using it.

Unfortunately, the sermon was given in Japanese (though many foreigner come to this church too), so I didn’t really understand. I hope I can understand more in next time while improving my Japanese Language. But, from the liturgy (26.09.2010), there was one verse touching my heart. Isaiah 41:13 :

For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, do not fear; I will help you
(New International Version)

Another verse from Exodus 3:7-15 and Acts 7:30-43. I read it is about how God had listened to Isreal’s crying and sent Moses to lead Israel went from Egypt.
When I read that, it’s like the Lord told me, “I listen to the crying of my people in Japan. Do not fear, salvation will come upon this place”

Yeah, although it was full at the chapel, but it’s only 80-100 people and in a city. I haven’t checked it thoroughly, but if you search google, you only find this church for Ibaraki City. And what made I sad is some of young people fell asleep in the church when the sermon time.

One thing important more, the service in this church only once in the Sunday morning except you make a reservation first and there was no discipleship as long as I know. I haven’t really known whether they have heared about new born.

So, let’s pray together : let Father’s will be done on Japan!


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