Journey Records in Japan

I find out a need to make notes of our life. To keep every remembrance and experience, from what we can recall again it in the future and also to learn how we have lived our life.

This notes is dedicated for every place & event that leave a depth memory for me from 24 September 2010 (start the journey) – December 2010 (end of year, first milestone)

Thanks to my little pocket camera Panasonic DMC FS-62 which had been accompanying me to store all of this memories.

26-28 September 2010

  • Orientation day : Looking around Osaka University, where I will spend my life for about half a year

    01 October 2010

  • Watch wadaiko performance in JICA

    07 October 2010

  • Birthday party from my lab friends, so kind of them, will be unforgettable memory for me
  • Birthday salutations from a lot of friends in Facebook which make me very grateful

    17 October 2010
    Trip to Nanba (難波), main area of south Osaka with friends from church

29 October 2010
Nabe party with lab members

31 October 2010
Trip to Kyoto :

3 November 2010

    Osaka 1 Day Trip:

  1. Shitennō-ji (四天王寺)
  2. Osaka Maritime Museum (なにわの海の時空館)
  3. Santa Maria Cruise
  4. Tsūtenkaku (通天閣)
  5. Tempozan Ferris Wheel
  6. Floating garden / Umeda Sky Building (梅田スカイビル)

    17 November 2010
    Visit Momofuku Ando Instant Noodle Museum (インスタントラーメン発明記念館) with host family

    20 November 2010
    Trip to Shiga prefecture, visiting Enryakuji (延暦寺) with Ibaraki International Citizenship

    02 December 2010
    Having fun together with elementary school in Settsu Elementary School

    04 December 2010
    Trip to Arashiyama (嵐山) in Kyoto with church members.

    09 December 2010
    Enjoying Kobe Luminaire (神戸ルミナリエ)

    11-12 December 2010
    International Christmas Service in Suita Bible Gospel Church


    December 2010
    Party for international students and researcher:

    1. With school of engineering science (10 December 2010)
    2. With institute of scientific and industrial research (16 December 2010)
    3. Costume party with international student (17 December 2010)
      30-31 December 2010
      End of year holiday to Amanohashidate (天橋立)


    Many others memory, like my first time to taste the real dorayaki, playing tennis table with international members, learn how to juggling with balls and play kendama, fellowship with church members, delivering a simple speech in Japanese, cooking time, and of course time in front of my laptop doing my research topic..


    Thanks to God that have given me such a chance,
    Thanks to my family, who have trusted me to travel alone
    Thanks to my friends who have filled my memory with goodness

    4 thoughts on “Journey Records in Japan

    1. Hallo Kak Samsu, salam kenal! Saya Bella dari T. Geologi ITB 2008. Saya mendapatkan beasiswa untuk mengikuti OUSSEP dan rencananya saya akan berangkat September akhir. Ini pertama kalinya saya ke luar negeri, saya nervous sekali, hehe. Setelah menemukan ulasan yang bagus di blog ini, motivasi saya pergi ke Jepang jadi menguat lagi. Bolehkah saya bertanya-tanya informasi tentang Osaka University? ^^
      Ada akun fesbuk ga kak?

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