Nokia Mobile Development War

Nokia is starting to really support local developer. One real action by organizing “Nokia Mobile Development War”. In partnership with CHIP, the selection process was organized three times for 3 regional (Bandung, Jogja, and Jakarta) each has 3 winners. So there were 9 grand finalist who have competed on 4 June 2011 at Fx Mall, Jakarta.

I, together with my colleague Viny, enter this competition and passed the regional selection with a miracle. So, we know the competition like 3 weeks before the final submission date, and starting to work on it like a week before because we were still busy with other deadlines at that time. And, we can’t make it at that time, but somehow the committee extend the submission date to the next week. So, our decision to keep work on it was correct and we make it on time. A little bit nervous for waiting the result and we were very happy to be selected as the 3rd winner from Jakarta regional. FYI, we didn’t know the existence of selection in Bandung and Jogja, which have been held before.

However, we didn’t make it to the big three. Well, the loser is not the one who failed but the one who too afraid to try. Moreover, we have done our best at that time. Photo below is taken when I delivered the presentation in the final competition. At that time, I wore traditional cloth from Kalimantan.

FYI, our game is entitled “Aksara”, it’s a game to arrange letters unto words about Indonesia culture. For example “arumba” or “gunungan” or “yamko rambe yamko” and another 97 words. We also named our team as “Aksanesia”, as an acronym from “aku sayang indonesia” or “I love Indonesia”. Well, yes, our philosophy is we develop product as an expression of our affection to Indonesia!

Aksara screencast

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