ICEEI 2011 – “First conference experience”

ICEEI stands for International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Informatics and this year has been held for the third time with ITB as the host. This international event was held successfully from 17-19 July 2011, with 350 papers participated from 21 countries. More complete stories can be read here.

However, it was like a miracle for me to join this event. Not merely joining as a volunteer, but by the grace my paper was also accepted for oral presentation. I also hope can continue this research to be more mature. My research is entitled “Human Action Recognition Using Dynamic Time Warping”.

A lot of experience beside the presentation. Since I just come back from exchange program in Japan, I’m likely to be appointed in the case related with Japan. For example, to pick up keynote speaker from Japan, Hikita-sensei or to assist a participant from Japan. Honestly my Japanese is very limited, but I am happy for the assignment since I can practice my Japanese in Indonesia and personally I like Japanese people. They are usually very friendly!

Finally, I really thank for support and trust from Bu Ulfa, Mas Peb, Pak Rinaldi, Bu Ayu, Bu Mis, Pak Deny, my informatics-coworker, and all others who I can’t mention one by one.

P1030515 P1030513 P1030552


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