Intership at PT Mitsui Indonesia

Internship at PT Mitsui Indonesia, another precious experience in my life, just finished. It was held from 4-15 July 2011 with 10 selected interns from ITB, Unpad, and UI. This internship introduce us about sogo shosha (japanese enterprise trading company). In is case is Mitsui & Co. Ltd.

Mitsui Indonesia is one subsidiary from total 151 offices in 66 countries around the world. Mitsui is a global business enabler with business covers everything. Especially in Japan, Mitsui is a well known company with a long history for more than a century.

I’m so pleased with all the program specially designed for interns, started from the overview lecture in the first day from Mr. Akira Nakaminato (current President Director of PT Mitsui Indonesia). Especially with the part explaining about the predicted rapid economy growth in the next 10 years in Indonesia. The prediction was made by the similar economy condition in Indonesia in 2008 with Japan in 1968 when Japan started to achieve rapid economy growth. It is also supported by the fact that Indonesia managed to maintain its economy growth above 6% and is going to be considered to enter BRIC country. Mr. Nakaminato also kindly shared his analysis with me here.

Content of the internship program was arranged as following :
– Energy, Mineral, and Metal Resources division
– Human resources, legal, general affairs division
– Consumer service division (visit to Hotel Nikko)
– Iron and steel division
– Foodstuff division (visit to PT Cometa Can)
– Tri Net Logistic Indonesia (visit to Jakarta International Container Terminal)
– Machinery division
– Financial affairs division
– Plant/project division
– Basic chemical division
– Performance chemical division (visit to PT Hexa Indonesia)
– Paiton Power Plant visitation & local area visitation (bonus karaoke session :D)
– Bussan Auto Finance central office visitation

Our internship program was finally closed after business competition was held. Yes, we presented our business plan idea in front of PT Mitsui Indonesia board of executives including Mr. Nakaminato! We are really pleased to hear positive comments and also constructive criticisms from the audience.

Out from the office, together with other interns we usually have moments together, like eating pecel, watching film at the cinema, taking photo together, and many more. Reunion in Mr. Nakaminato residence also a very exciting moment where we can meet with previous interns and of course with full course of delicious Japanese cuisine. Totemo oishii desu! This reunion is held in the same day as Tanabata celebration day in Japanese folktale. Really impressive!

I believe this experience will be an unforgettable moment for all of us. Finally, I really thank PT Mitsui Indonesia for providing such a great program. Can’t wait for 7 July 2012 for the reunion day!

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