Like a Balloon

balloonWe could see balloon in many events as well, such as in birthday party, new office opening event, or another celebrations.

Balloon needs to be pumped with air to be formed, can be different between one balloon and the others. But, many will agree that balloon before pumped, is not beautiful nor interesting in its deflated state. Vice versa, after pumped, it looks more interesting, it can even fly if we pumped it using helium which masspervolume lower than the air surrounding it. Just don’t forget to tighten the tie of the balloon, or it will be deflated faster than it takes to be formed.

Interestingly, balloon can be an analogy of human life. Here’s the why.

Bible tell us that in the Genesis, God give His breath of life into human and locked it inside, as we may understand as human spirit. However, after fallen into sin, the tie is not hold tighthen anymore. Human like a deflated balloon without a relationship with God. That’s why  we can see a lot of hopeless people outthere, not interesting. But God gives us a way to be filled again with His Spirit, through Jesus Christ, the Words of God.

It may seems confusing at first, but try practice this simple acts. Meditate three times a day on the Words of God, like Josua, Daniel, David, and many of the prophets did and see the result. Glory and prosperity have followed them, even through trials and tribulation they could overcome it. Not just won againts their enemies, but they took back everythings that should belong to them.

So, if recently the channel between you and God is not as good as it has before, let’s come again to the source of life through prayer and meditation on His Words. Become filled again with the Spirit, and our life is gonna be more meaningful (filled), not empty like the deflated balloon.

That’s the analogy, very easy to imagine right? Not correct 100%, because human is not a balloon after all, cheers!

Read also : John 20:21-22, Genesis 2:7.

Inspired from Ps. Indri Gautama preach, April 2013.



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