Seven Pounds – live an abundant life and leave a precious death

Will Smith, again astonished me with his film : Seven Pounds. Here I write down the plot summary, very brief according my point of view and close it by a remark from me.

benWill acted as Tim Thomas, a husband, thrived aeronautical engineer, who at one night experienced a tragic accident because he was carelessly sending text message while driving. The multi-car crashed killed seven, including his own fiancee.

Two years later, Tim was still felt deeply offended by the memory. Unable to live with what he did, Tim set out to save the lives of seven good people, with his possession including his vital organs. I was not conscious with this mission despite of his strange act impersonating his brother, Ben’s identity as IRS officer interviewing several strangers. He gave his beach house to Connie Tepos, who lived with her two kids and abusive boyfriend, but can’t afford to live. He asked Connie not to be weak but live life abundantly.

It was revealed that six month ago Tim had donated his lung lobe to Ben, part of his liver to a social worker named Holly, a kidney to a junior hockey coach named George, bone marrow to a young boy named Nicholas. And lastly, after interviewed a blind telemarketer named Ezra by harassed him at work and a woman with congenital heart problem named Emily, he decided that they are “good” people and worthy to received his vital organs.

Despite of he visibly fought his affections towards Emily, seeking atonement for the death of his fiancee, Tim slowly fall in love with Emily. But discovering that Emily’s condition had worsened and she would likely die before a donated organ becomes available, Tim decided “it’s time”. Tim called 9-1-1 reporting his own suicide and took a quick but excruciatingly painful death by releasing his box jellyfish into bath tub filled with ice cube, to preserve his vital organ.

Despite of doing this for atonement of his mistake, I feel that Tim has lived a precious life and leave a precious death. It takes courage and love to do so. Will you plan that your death can cause life for others? In the meantime, let’s live an abundant life like Tim’s wish for Connie and make sure our life becomes goodness for others.

Rome 5:6 For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly

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