Samsu Sempena. That’s me.

I was born in Bandung and spent most my childhood there.
Currently work in travel and internet industry with Traveloka team.

I hope to learn a lot, live a beautiful life and giving back to everyone around me : family, friends, city, and nation. I love Indonesia. 

I am a Christian means I am willing to follow Christ as my personal savior wherever He leads me.
Not traditional Christian bonds with the four-sided church wall, religion is a matter of a robe for me.
I can attach and detach it anytime, as long as Christ is the center.

I am happy you are interested to read this blog, keep reading and I will be happy to receive your comments.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Iya, ko ws. Udah lama yah?? Ga kemana2 kok, masih di hometownku, Bandung.. Hehe, tiap kali dpt inspirasi buat nulis ada aja yang mengalihkan. Jadi ga nulis2 deh. Tapi sebetulnya aku bukan orang yang suka nulis kok.. However, thx ko ws udah mampir2 ke blogku. Ntar aku mampir2 juga deh.. ^^

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